Globe Temperature Sensor


Globe Temperature Sensor, GT-1™ (Modbus) and GT-2™ (Thermistor) are used with humidity and ambient air temperature sensors to calculate wet-bulb globe temperature (WBGT).



Globe Temperature Sensor, GT-1TM and GT-2TM are used to estimate the heat stress on the human body. The globe temperature, in conjunction with humidity and ambient air temperature measurements is used to calculate the wet-bulb globe temperature (WBGT).

GT-1 and -2 are full-size, 6″ diameter globes intended for permanent installations. The sensors conveniently using standard structural or plumbing pipe fittings.

Available either with Modbus output (GT-1) or 10 kohm thermistor (GT-2), the sensors are compatible with a wide range of instruments, including Dyacon weather stations.

Feature Summary

  • 6″ copper globe
  • Modbus RTU (RS-485) or thermistor output
  • Mounts to 1″ pipe
  • Durable polyester coating for permanent installation

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Key Features


6 inch (0.15 m) copper globe with polyester coating for long life in outdoor environments.

Data Connection

Power and data are provided through a 4-wire connection. GT-1™ uses an RS-485 (Modbus slave) data connection. Drawing a 3 mA average, GT-1 is suitable for solar powered instrumentation systems.

GT-2™ is a thermistor device that requires an analog to digital converter to determine temperature.


GT-1™ mounts directly to 1″ pipe using NPT threads or attach a stub to be used with standard 1″ structural pipe fittings.


GT-2 can be added as a component of Dyacon MS-100 series weather stations, which can provide WBGT in the heat-stress text message reports.

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