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Cherry Peak Station Mounted

Weather Station MS-130 features

Snowmaking Weather Stations

In the business of winter recreation, the weather can become both a friend and a foe. When the conditions just aren’t right for natural snow, snowmaking becomes a great alternative.

For snowmaking to be successful, certain conditions must be met. Humidity levels and ambient temperatures affect the wet bulb temperature, super-cooling comes into effect, and evaporation levels must be measured. How are you supposed to measure all these conditions, you ask? Great question. After all, you’re a snow maker, not a meteorologist.

Because of the nature of snowmaking, you must know your ambient conditions, not just the regional conditions displayed on the news or online. The solution? A weather station configured for your specific needs, on your own property. At Dyacon, professional weather stations that are easy to set up, move, and maintain are our specialty.

In February of 2016, Dyacon installed a weather station for Cherry Peak Ski Resort for the purpose of snowmaking. Check out the video here, check their current weather conditions here, and their website here.


Dyacon Products

It can be discouraging to find that complex weather stations and data loggers are often costly and complicated, requiring technicians to configure and program. Still, your snow-making business could certainly benefit from high-quality, reliable weather instruments, especially one available at a reasonable price.

The MS-130 has all the needed gauges to assist you in your snow making business. Perfect for measuring humidity levels, ambient temperature, and wind speeds, this weather station helps to give you the real-time information you need.

MS-130 comes with an assembly of components including solar power as well as cellphone, email, or FTP capability. After being installed, the user need only to send a text command to receive updated information from the MS-130.

All MS-100 weather stations are shipped pre-configured, allowing new stations to be up and operating in less than an hour. The embedded cell phone makes the weather data ultimately accessible. The best part? No satellite links, expensive download programs, or funky antennas. Adding the optional Dyacon Tripod-1 setup also adds to the ease of setup.

Feature summary:

  • Wind direction
  • Wind speeds
  • Gust detection
  • Air temperature
  • Barometric pressure
  • Cellphone capability
  • Solar power

The MS-130 uses the same control module as all other Dyacon MS-1XX weather stations, so standard Dyacon communication features including Modbus, USB configuration, and Weather Underground compatibility are included. Data logging is built in to all Dyaconweather stations as well.

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